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Emotional masochist

I’m gonna regret this so much, and its gonna hurt like hell in the end.
but it feels too damn good in this very moment to care.

Life’s a joke and I dont get it

I have no one to talk to tonight so tumblr will be my open ear and shoulder tonight. and i guess I dont care who sees it.
I guess im tired of feeling like the punchline in some horrible twisted joke on my life.
It’s been so hard to meet someone i feel like i can genuinely like, and then when it happens its always the same thing. they’re always in love with an ex.
and that is truly the worst way to be turned down. I feel like i missed the boat and everyone already has someone. even single girls these days seem to already have someone.

It makes me feel extra horrible that my ex will never feel that way about me. even though i don’t want her back.

the hard part is the few girls this has happened with all seemed to like me, and everything seemed to be going well. It makes me really want to beg for a chance, i feel like if i just got the chance i may be better than this ex, considering they are exes for a reason. but I dont, because I dont know the situation and its not my place to say anything at all.

so what ends up happening? things get akward because i dont know how to act around them anymore. I have feelings that I want to express but have to start holding back, so I dont say anything and things just stay awkward.
because even though I really really do…I dont want to get in the way if they still want to be with an ex. maybe its personal reasoning. or maybe its just because in the end im too sweet.

all I know is that I end up feeling like the odd one out in the world. like no one wants to take the time to get to know me, and i hate myself for being depressed.
I think im ready to give up though, I was thinking about it at work before any of this happened and i just cant take the heartache anymore. the problem only lies in what to do with myself and these feelings.

I feel like im whining and I’m actually pissed at myself for letting this happen again when I swore I wouldn’t.

and on a side note, I think its safe to assume I was used by someone unrelated to this. and idk how to feel about that. part of me feels liek i need to try and pursue it just to see if anything could be, but the other part feels like im just trying to make something out of nothing and i should leave ti at nothing.

do I look pathetic yet?
fuck this I’m not getting attached to anyone again. and thats not said out of sorrow and depression but rather anger for the world playing its sick jokes

thrift stores rool

thrift stores rool


The duke nukem forever demo is downloading right now.
what is life?!

13 years and ima finally play this mofuckin game